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  • Shine with PowerBI round the clock with TDS for Common Data Service

    14th Sep 2020 by

    The new Tabular Data Stream (TDS) endpoint for Common Data Service which is in preview mode, is not just another access point addition for CDS but it addresses several shortfalls for live and secure reporting in Power Platform. With DirectQuery option in PowerBI, the live reporting is possible and it also respects the current user access and roles, when we use TDS connection.

  • Power Platform security: Three trusted guards

    22nd Jun 2020 by

    Security brings trust to the business and is the most important and fundamental pillar that must be ensured before thinking about rest of the platform capabilities of the solution. Natively integrated with Azure Active Directory for identity and access management, there are few steps that are absolutely necessary for your power platform security.

  • Power Platform setup: Three small steps to giant improvements

    28th Apr 2020 by

    To establish the power platform environment for your kick-ass business applications, following the best practices and finely crafted strategy is very important. Top three steps, that go to the depth to checkmate the highly unruly environment are here in the list.

  • Schedule Gold with Dynamics 365

    13th Feb 2020 by

    Effective resource scheduling tools and strategies minimise the complexity and maximise the profitability with optimum utilisation. Microsoft Dynamics is also rolling out next-generation schedule board experience which will be publicly available from April 2020.

  • A friend in need is Power Platform indeed!

    5th Nov 2019 by

    In the latest MS Flow updates, we can refresh the PowerBI data sets but just like good friends, PowerBI does not hesitate to speak to Flow too and can send data to open endless possibilities.

    Last week, I was working for a customer in the Public utility sector that is using SAP as the core technology platform. Some key information related to projects from SAP was required to update the Apps running on the Power Platform. Read more here how SAP data can extend the Apps in Power Platform.

  • Sailing out of castaway island

    15th Oct 2019 by

    In your business applications, thinking of data integration Or even migration to Power Platform, Dataflows help in getting out of the castaway island in the stranded situations. Microsoft Dataflows features become generally available in the power platform maker portal in Oct 2019 and can be used both in the PowerApps portal or in PowerBI. Using the… Read more

  • Getting romantic with your business

    11th Sep 2019 by

    Just like, a nicely arrange bouquet brings warmness and smile for your loved ones, carefully organised PowerBI content can enlighten your business. Business Applications leveraging Power Platform has huge potential of finding hidden gems in the ever growing business data inside Common Data Service.

  • About Myself

    7th Sep 2019 by

    Hi, This is my digital home where I share my thoughts and latest learning to help community around Microsoft Power Platform. Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you will find the information shared here useful. I am Microsoft certified and experienced consultant helping customers in solving real-life problems and empowering them with the… Read more

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