Getting romantic with your business

Spring is here and how good is that to present flowers to your business !

We heard about the flower power and this role is taken by PowerBI in Microsoft Power Platform. Just like, a nicely arranged bouquet brings warmness and smile for your loved-ones, carefully organised PowerBI content can enlighten your business. Business Applications leveraging Power Platform has huge potential of finding hidden gems in the ever growing business data inside Common Data Service. The way you develop the data story will open a barrage of realisations and insights of your business.

Art of Executive reporting

User Story holds the utmost importance. The deep connection the story will make with the stakeholders though the data, the more value it will generate for the business. Having full access on the CDS data directly or through Data Export Service, has the tendency to draw anyone of us to get in to the area which makes the story hard to understand.

Last week, I faced the similar situation as a coincidence at two of my engagements. The stakeholders interested in the information leave the ground open (Sounds familiar!) and the analysts were in awe of availability of data. This leads to over-complicating the story that needs to be avoided to have a useful insight. I am glad to have very thoughtful customers who work as a team and eventually we refine the content to make more sense to the executives.

Tech Bits !

For rolling up the numbers with the running month, the DAX expression we used for putting the sample graph below is:

BaselineYTD = CALCULATE(Sum('PortfolioCost'[BaselineCost]),Filter(ALLSELECTED('PortfolioCost'),'PortfolioCost'[Date]<=MAX('PortfolioCost'[Date])))

PortfolioCost is the table holding all financials, BaselineCost is represented as redline, and Date is the calendar date.

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