Digital Transformation starts with Why?

We need to upgrade our system! We need to migrate to the Cloud! We need to bring in new Apps! We need to automate our processes! We need to to understand our data! I am sure these statements must be very familiar to you.

Inconvenient Truth

Do you know how many digital transformation projects get failed or fall short of meeting their objectives?

According to a global survey by McKensie (read here), only 14 percent of the digital transformation projects report, they have made and sustained improvements and only 3 percent confirm complete success . It is a very low number but surely there are moves that can put your project in the category of successful ones. Top of the list is to put a ruthless and bold scope and definitely, you will need to ask Why from the beginning.

Bold Scope! Start with Why?

Yes, Simon Sinek in his book covered why “Start with Why?” is the most important question to raise from the beginning but it looks refreshingly relevant in today’s trending digital transformations. Many businesses and teams embark on the projects with the lack of understanding and vision on “Why” they are doing this investment. The clear vision not only helps leadership define and measure the success of projects but also set up the design consideration basis for the project team.

Start with Why? Inside Out!

Now if we revise the statements, we saw in the beginning, it will look more clear and will increase the chances of focusing on and achieving objectives for your initiatives.

  • We want to improve our customers’ experience.
  • We want to improve our employees’ experience.
  • We want to increase the efficiency of our operations and improve the quality of our products and services.

Power Platform shows how to do it

To deliver such a bold scope, the next thing you need is the adaptive design and flexible technology. Microsoft Power Platform provides the latest technologies that empower the businesses to quickly adapt the solution and design keeping pace with a rapidly changing landscape.

Gartner places Microsoft Power Platform in the Leaders’ quadrant

Remember, the business transformations journeys might take multi-years investments and performance targets, if not months, and adaptable design and technology will play a key role to make this journey sweet, sustainable and successful.

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